Junior E-commerce Executive


The E-Commerce Specialist drives the growth of the E-Commerce business by enhancing customer experience, managing customer order fulfilment. He/She is also responsible for generating data-driven commercial insights and managing relationships with partners for the business.


  • Create full items over website
  • Communicate with suppliers for continuous brands / pricelists updates
  • Invoice via CRM
  • Follow undelivered, delay and unpaid invoices via shipping company
  • Customer Service: Listen & resolve customers’ concerns, issues, and questions. Refer issues and questions to managers when needed.
  • Follow up on orders sent by clients from A to Z.
  • Open new customer accounts
  • Recommend possible products to meet the customers’ needs.
  • Prepare products and customers reports by gathering data collected during customer interactions.


Requirements and skills

  • Experience: 0 to 2 years
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong verbal communicator
  • Familiar with the software used to connect with customers and gather their information (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram)
  • English reading and writing
  • Basic excel skills


Send your CV to INFO@LNT.COM.LB


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