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Barista - Lei Sa - Vending Machine

by Barista
Sold out
SKU Bar-MB0016

LEI SA, semi-automatic OCS machine available in espresso coffee from beans and instant coffee versions with 12 push buttons that can be configured both as selections or pre-selections.


  • Standard boiler for Espresso: 1500 W – 150 cc. Dual boiler available by adding a boiler 700 W – 180 cc. for higher performances (long drinks).
  • Boiler for instant: 2000 W - 3,6 litres.
  • Liquid waste tray: 1.9 litres with visible signal for maximum water level.
  • Coffee waste tray: 60 pods with counter software management.
  • Autonomous tank: 3.6 litres of water available placed behind the product canisters and possibility to fill with door closed (on the top of the machine).
  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 230 Vac – 50 Hz / 120 Vac – 60 Hz
  • INTERNAL ELECTRICAL SUPPLY All the electrical components are supplied at 24 Vdc, with the exception of the boiler resistances, the pump and the steam ventilator that are at powered by the mains voltage.
  • POWER SUPPLY 1.80 kW single boiler espresso version 1.80 kW alternating dual boiler espresso version 2.80 kW dual boiler espresso version 2.25 kW instant version
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