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Momax - iPhone 12 Pro Max Glass Pro+ Anti-Spy Screen Protector

by Momax


3D Full Cover Privacy Glass Screen Protector - 9H Hardness, HD Clearness, Anti-Shatter

MOMAX GLASSPRO+ privacy glass protector brings you a triple guard, 62 degrees straight to the side to protect privacy in full screen to prevent peeping; silver ion antibacterial coating protects health; strengthened glass protects the screen to prevent damage.

Product features:

- Essential to protect private information
- Silver ion coating, effective and continuous antibacterial
- 62-degree full screen privacy protection on the straight side -Effective privacy protection and light transmittance up to 99%-Clear and transparent front screen color
- Flexible horizontal screen Sharing screen
- Silver ion antibacterial coating, valid for about 3 months
- Tempered glass, full screen coverage
- Unblocked face ID
- HD, scratch-resistant, easy to stick, anti-fingerprint

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