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Word Slam

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"EAT, YELLOW, CIRCLE — do you mean pancakes? Or pineapple rings? Oh wait, the CIRCLE is DIVIDED? So something that you eat that is yellow and semicircular? Uh, is it, maybe…a banana?" "Yes, the answer is banana! One point for the Blue Team!"

In the communication game Word Slam, two teams compete against one another simultaneously. In each round, one player on each team tries to get their teammates to guess a hidden word or phrase using only the 105 explanatory cards available in the box. Speaking and acting is absolutely forbidden for the storytellers! They must tell their stories using only 105 cards, each with one word on it: a noun, verb, adjective, or preposition. A player can use as many explanatory cards as desired, and whichever team guesses correctly first scores a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Box Contains:

  • 200 Answer Cards (With a total of 1,200 words, names and terms to guess) : 10x Beginner(Green), 80x Easy(Yellow), 60x Experienced (Red), 50x Expert (Black) 210 Story Word Cards (105 for each team) : Beige=Nouns, Violet=Verbs, Light Green=Adjectives, Light Blue=Prepositions and other words
  • 4 Card Holders (2 for each team)
  • 1 Dice
  • 1 Hourglass (about 90 seconds)
  • 1 English Rulebook