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Terraforming Mars

SKU 411111

Add some pop to the planet you are terraforming!  These 3D tiles will bring new life to your game!

These tiles of emerging forests and skyscrapered cities fit perfectly into the hex squares of the Terraforming Mars™ game board. 

Featuring Olympus Mons as the lava flow tile, the Gale Crater (current home of the Mars rover Curiosity) as the natural preserve tile, and the Mall of America (Mall of Mars) as the commercial zone.

Terraforming Mars is a copyright of FryxGames Games. All rights reserved. No challenge to any intellectual property rights are intended or implied by representations of compatibility and no endorsements of this product by any other company is implied or represented.

Contents (55 pieces):

  • 15 City tiles
  • 20 Forest tiles
  • 10 Special tiles
  • 9 Ocean tiles
  • 1 Capital city tile
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