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LNT Dollar Rate Equal to Market Rate
LNT Dollar Rate Equal to Market Rate

Roxy Kids - Flipper Musical Swan Lake



The ROXY-KIDS Flipper newborn swim ring with music from the Swan Lake ballet is designed specifically to make bathing of newly born children, as well as toddlers under 2 years old, interesting and safe. This is a great helper for parents who no longer need to bend down constantly to help the little one stay on the water.

The melody from the ballet Swan Lake calms the baby and makes swimming even more fun for him. As with other Flipper models, the safety of the musical circle is enhanced by the presence of a second inner circle (inner chamber). This circle for newborns is made of durable and reliable modern polymer material.

The circle is fixed on the baby’s neck with two convenient adjustable fasteners - Velcro and carbine made of high-quality plastic. A specially treated inner seam prevents excessive pressure on the skin of the child. Built-in batteries in the circle are reliably protected from moisture and are designed for about 4-5 months of daily use.