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LNT Dollar Rate Equal to Market Rate
LNT Dollar Rate Equal to Market Rate

ProSafe - Digital Fire Proof Burglary Alarm Safe

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The series of fireproof safe is ideal for securing your personal valuables and important documents.The safe is in dual security which requires both key and digital code access.With fire protection lasts more than 1 hour,it is perfect for home and office use.


  • Dual Security (Requires Digital code and key)
  • Theft Protection (Dead Locking Bolts)
  • LCD Display (Programmable Date and Time)
  • Supplied 3 Chromed Keys
  • Fire Protection Up To 1 Hour
  • Fashionable Round Corner Process
  • Alarm Function
  • Door Opening Record Tracking
  • 36 H X 50 W X 39 D cm
  • 46 Kg