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Princess - Electric BBQ

The Princess electric barbecue has a grease tray that you fill with water before you start grilling, which assures that little to no smoke arises. The juices and fats fall into the water bath and cool instantly so you will not get any unhealthy smoke or ash particles on your food. The fact that the electric barbecue generates less smoke makes the barbecue perfect to use when camping.


  • Extra storage tray
  • Heated and ready to start grilling within minutes so no more waiting
  • A water tray for little to no smoke and ash, for no nuisance
  • Equipped with stand so you can use it both as a table grill and standalone barbecue
  • Two different grill racks on different heights so you can cook and keep warm at the same time
  • 2000 Watt power and stepless temperature regulator for fast or slow cooking
  • The integrated wind screen makes sure the wind does not influence the heat