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Enjoy Shopping 1 $ = 1,500 L.L
Enjoy Shopping 1 $ = 1,500 L.L

Hot Wheels - City Shark Beach Battle Playset


Fuel kids' imagination when a giant Shark attacks Hot Wheels City and threatens the Hot Wheels Surf Competition! Kids launch their car to drift through the wave to try and avoid the Shark's chomp. Uh-oh, he captured the car in his massive jaws! Time to come to the rescue and launch another car. Take aim and slam into the Shark to defeat him. When the Shark is defeated the wave crashes back dramatically and the vehicles are freed! Awesome features make this huge beach themed play set perfect for hours of storytelling action. Drift on the wave and land in the grandstands to score points in the surf competition! Build your own Hot Wheels City by connecting other City play sets together.


  • Huge set with a beach-themed location and menacing Shark that chomps cars.
  • Ignite boys' imagination and storytelling play with this challenge to save Hot Wheels City.
  • Defeat the Shark by launching a car to slam into his jaws.
  • Easy to reset, with no loose parts and amazing performance!