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$ = LBP Market Rate | 7-10 Days FREE Shipping to EGYPT!
$ = LBP Market Rate | 7-10 Days FREE Shipping to EGYPT!

Outrageous Hot Wheels weight-based, game-style track set that challenges kids to launch their cars into their bucket first and spill their friend's cars for the win! 


  • Play in 2-player mode to build sportsmanship— the set has 2 launchers, 2 buckets, and a crash zone! Crash into or block opponents in the crossover crash zone!
  • Load cars into the slam launcher, aim for the bucket while constantly testing and experimenting when the bucket moves.
  • Players need to keep landing cars in the bucket to tip the scale in their favor!
  • First player to score 2 more cars in the bucket than his opponent wins!
  • The bottom on the losing side bucket opens and release cars for an impressive finale.
  • Dynamic balancing action makes this a real test of skill.
  • Great to play with a friend or in single player-mode.
  • Includes 3 Hot Wheels vehicles!