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LNT Dollar Rate Equal to Market Rate
LNT Dollar Rate Equal to Market Rate

Fitbit - Charging Cable for Fitbit Flex 2

This is replacement USB Charger Cable for Fitbit Flex 2. It has Voltage Regulator (PTC) Inside, prevent your Fitbit Flex 2 from being damaged by overcurrent when connected to USB Power Source on PC, Mac, Laptop or Notebook. You can use this charging cable in office, at home or on travels for convenient. Please note that this item only works for The Fitbit Flex 2, not for any other models. Tracker is not included.

  •  Compact and lightweight design, convenient for travelers and business users.
  • Wristwatch Charging Dock: This spare charging cradle snaps easily. Make your Smart Watch charging become more convenient.
  • Power protection - Short circuit protection.
  • Charge Time: 90 to 120 minutes
  • Input: 5V / 1000mA
  • 6. Output: 5V / 100mA
  • Item Length: 17cm (6.7 Inch)
  • Product Weight: 0.28 ounce
  • Material: TPE + ABS Plastic