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Educa - Let's Learn The Human Body

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by Bocti
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The educational Learn has been developed especially to accompany your children in the early stages of their education collection. Respecting the rhythms and learning Recommended for children aged 3 to 6 years, the collection is a playful educational supplement that helps strengthen the notifions at school learning. Simple, colourful and fun, its contents stimulate children's interests and increase their desire to learn.
  • Discover the main parts of the body as well as the main organs and bones by placing the 3 layers: skin
  • organs and bones.
  • Learn to appoint the parts of the body
  • Locate the different organs and identify the main bones.
  • Contents: 4 puzzles, 1 frame
  • The Educational learn Collection is a supplement that helps strengthen fun way, notifions acquired in the school. Simple
  • Colourful and fun
  • Its contents stimulate children's interests and thereby increase the motivation to learn.