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LNT Dollar Rate Equal to Market Rate
LNT Dollar Rate Equal to Market Rate

Big Mouth - Gigantic Watermelon Beach Blanket Towel

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Pool, lake or even at concerts or bath time! It's also durable and machine washable, so it's easy to clean and will last. BEWARE of counterfeits and knockoffs sold by other companies. Only products "Sold by" BigMouth Inc. are guaranteed genuine. Please contact Amazon & us immediately if you feel the product is a replica. BigMouth Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of outrageous lifestyle products based in Glastonbury, CT. Every item we offer is exclusively designed and manufactured by us. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend (or yourself, don't lie), BigMouth products are always a hit.


  • Microfiber
  • HUGE BEACH BLANKET: This fun pineapple beach blanket makes every location a tropical one! Measuring 13 cm wide, it’s truly gigantic and a fun way to catch some rays all summer long.
  • ULTRA-SOFT: This beach blanket is over 5’ wide of ultra-soft fabric, creating a much more effective, soft, comfortable barrier between you and the sand than a towel.
  • USE ANYWHERE: This beach blanket isn’t just for sandy beaches, it can be used at the pool, lake and even for concerts or bath time!
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: The durable, machine washable fabric is soft, but easy to clean so you can use it again and again for beach time fun!
  • BIGMOUTH INC: We the creative force behind an exclusive line of high - quality, fun novelty items. Our specialty is an assortment of original, humorous produts targeting practical jokers of all ages.
  • Product Dimensions : 152 x 1.016 x 152 cm