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Philips - Hue LED Sanitization USB Luminaire

by Philips
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  • Disinfection effectiveness (against 99.9% bacteria)
  • Safe to use at home
  • Easy & flexible use
  • Power 5 W
  • Dimming 2 levels
  • USB cable length 1500mm
  • Hold up to 20,000 hours

This 360-degree light direction adjustable UV black light lamp uses longwave UV (395-400nm) to help light up various UV reactive items at small area. This light can be used for detecting counterfeit money, finding pet stains, identifying defects in antiques, checking Vaseline glass, curing gel nail polish, locating scorpions, black light poster displays or lighting up your fluorescent and blacklight reactive items for glow in the dark parties.

Sanitization Principle
Bacterial metabolism produces a large number of
endogenous porphyrins, which absorb a certain
wavelength (405nm) to activate the back of the
high-energy unstable porphyrins, combined with
three-state oxygen to form a temperature-free singlet
oxygen, singlet oxygen combined with compounds on
the cell membrane damage the cell membrane and
then bacterial death.


Effective Against 99.9% Bacteria
If you don’t pay attention, bacteria can breed in your house and harm your family. Philips Household LED sanitization USB luminaire can clean every corner of your home to keep your family healthy. including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Basillicus subtilis black variant, E. Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.


Research has shown that 405 nm of visual light can stimulate the endogenously produced porphyrin in cells to produce active oxygen molecules that fight bacteria. The 405 nm visual light does not cause harm to other organisms, making it a safe and reliable long-acting bacteriostatic agent.

Under professional laboratory testing conditions, this product is placed 20 cm from a petri dish to evaluate its antibacterial performance. This test shows that this product can effectively fight more than 99.9% of the bacteria commonly found in the home, including E. coli and the bacteria that cause staph infections.

This product is also effective over a shorter period, fighting about 60% of bacteria after 4 hours and about 30% after 2 hours.


NON UV-C Products Technology
This visible light technology is a solution that is very safe for humans, animals and plants. Can be used to protect against bacteria anytime, anywhere.