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A game for children that makes them observe, think, and argue, all in a casual game.

During their turn, the players look if they have among their card some object which has the right characteristic: it could be some shape, color, but also concepts like sweet, salted, hot, spicy etc. The first player to get rid of all of their cards win.
Toutim invites players to carefully observe and use their senses as well as their ability to argue: what do you mean, "the cat doesn't smell good?"

In Micons, players will not only need to be keen observers, but they'll also need to remember the sensations generated by elements of everyday life.

Each turn, players look to see if they have an object among their cards that matches the displayed characteristic: These can be visible characteristics like shapes or colors, or they could be invisible concepts such as salty, sweet, hot, cold, spicy, noisy, etc. If a player can, they put their card down and it's the next player's turn.

The first one to put all their cards down wins.

Contents: 50 cards and instructions.