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Istanbul Board Game

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Istanbul is a pick-up-and-deliver type game, designed by Rüdiger Dorn. It plays 2 to 5 players and takes about 40-60 minutes to play. Istanbul plays best with 3 players.

• Warehouses (Fabric, Fruit, or Spice): the player can max out his supply of a particular type of good.
• Wainwright: The player can purchase a wheelbarrow extension for 7 Lira, and once he has added 3 extensions, he may collect one of the gems there and add it to his wheelbarrow.
• Post Office: This space offers an ever-changing assortment of goods and money for the player to receive.
• Black Market: Gain a choice of goods, as well as possibly gaining a (harder to obtain) blue “jewelry” good with a lucky dice roll.
• Tea House: A player can earn money by matching or beating a called-out number with a dice roll.
• Markets (Small and Large): A player can sell various combinations of goods for money.
• Mosques (Small and Great): Offer tiles for purchase that give a player a rule-breaking ability once per turn.
• Caravansery: Holds all of the bonus cards discarded during the game.
• Police Station: The player “frees” his family member (if there), by moving that piece to any space in the bazaar, and can then take the action on that space immediately.
• Sultan’s Palace: Offers gems in trade for certain combinations of goods
• Gemstone Dealer: Where the player can purchase gems outright with money.
• Fountain: A player can return all of his assistant discs to his merchant stack.

Available in English and Arabic