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Character Option - Goo Goo Galaxy Single Pack with Squishy Belly & DIY Slime Activity

SKU QR-674-51000
by Vortex
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Say hello to the most adorable little space travellers to ever land on Earth! From far away Goo Goo Galaxy come the Goo Drops! They have crash landed on Earth and are looking for a new home. The Goo Drops' squishy, jiggly bellies are filled with some of the galaxy that they have travelled from – just give them a squeeze to see their sparkling, glittery galaxy move about inside them! Their bobbly bodies wobble about as you play and hug them! Unbox the Goo Pod to discover what your goo drop has brought from space – a DIY Galactic Slime Activity! The Goo-to-Go is an out of this world D.I.Y activity that you can mix, make and display! Just add the Slime Crystals to the cup, add water and stir. Then add the Cosmic Cloud with water and watch it magically grow! Finally, top with Starshine to see which message your Goo Drop has for you!What colour will it become and what does it mean? You can hang your Goo-to-Go on your school backpack or display your cup with your Goo Drop! Pull the Emergency Hatch in your Goo Drops Goo Pod to find their Inter-GOO-lactic Passport. It's filled with heaps of fun details about your Goo Drop like their birthday, eye colour, height and what planet they're from! You'll also find a postcard from their home planet and you can take a friendship pledge with your Goo Drop! With Goo Goo Galaxy you'll discover - it's what's inside that counts! There are 4 super cute Goo Drops to discover, all with different glittery, squishy bellies and personalities!- Astra Nommy, Luna Laguna, Yumi Unicorn and Stella Skygems