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Educa - Lynx 36 Images Educational Board Game

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by Bocti
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You may be familiar with Le Lynx, which is a game that sharpens the eyesight and reflexes of the little ones whose goal is to find images among a multitude of drawings on a board that can be rearranged to make the game more spicy. Here is the version for children of this exciting board game.

My Premier Lynx 36 images, the version suitable for the little ones. An ideal game to strengthen visual memory and reflexes.
The principle of My First Lynx is the same as that of the base game: it is about finding images in the middle of others. Concentration, visual memory and reflexes are the assets of a winner. This version with only 36 images allows the little ones to play (2-4 years old, while the original version started at 6 years old).

The box contains a 4-part board and 36 cards that are thicker and larger than those of the previous version, for a better grip. This game is perfect for a fun time with the little ones.
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