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Enjoy Shopping 1 $ = 1,500 L.L
Enjoy Shopping 1 $ = 1,500 L.L

Hasbro Gaming - Electronic Guess Who? Guess Who Extra Game


It's the classic Guess Who? game with a monster-superhero twist. Can you guess your opponent's Mystery Character before they guess yours? Each character in this electronic game is a monster or superhero, and you get to ask your opponent yes-or-no questions about the character. Make your guess when you're ready, but you better not guess wrong - if you do, you can't guess again until your next turn! But if you guess right, you're the winner and you get to hear the winning tune! With lights, sounds, and 2 ways to play, this game lets you take your Guess Who? fun to the next level!

• Includes 1 game unit with key
• 6 character cards
• 2 locks
• 2 storage stands and instructions.