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Chipolo - Smart Finder Bluetooth 2nd Generation Fruit Edition - LEMON

  • Bluetooth tracking device with replaceable battery - Chipolo Classic uses normal CR2025 batteries. These batteries last up to 9 months. Changing the battery is easy and takes a minute without any tools.
  • Track your valuables - Attach your Chipolo to any item you want to track and connect it to the Chipolo app on your iPhone or Android phone. Misplaced or lost keys? Ring Chipolo from the Chipolo app or see on a map where you had it last when you're out of range of Bluetooth.
  • Community search - Your item is not where you last had it? Don't worry, mark it as lost and use our great community to your advantage! If another Chipolo user approaches your missing Chipolo, you will be notified immediately with their current location!
  • Mobile phone finder - Press your Chipolo twice to make your phone ring, even when it is set to quiet. You can also use our web app to view the exact location or send a message that will be displayed on your phone.
  • Improved stability and great app reviews - Chipolo is incredibly stable, combined with a good battery life. Ring your Chipolo when you need it. Chipolo has 4.3 stars on iOS (Apple) and 4 stars on Android (Google). This makes Chipolo the best key finder on the market