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Asobu - Pump N Chill Air Tight Double Gel Walled Bottle 500 ml - Red

by Asobu
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Asobu Pump N Chill Is something you have never seen.�

Ever tried refrigerating a shake or smoothing for a couple of hours?

Asobu Pump N Chill�can do all that this original patented lid creates an airtight container that is double walled and insulated so your blend can stay perfectly fresh n cold for 12 hours. And now combined with our freezable nontoxic honeycomb gel this bottle has all the bells and whistles you�ll need. How does it work you asked?

Our amazing lid releases all the air in the bottle so your beverage is now airtight and oxidation does not occur.

The Honeycomb Gel needs to be frozen for just one hour and then your drink is both airtight and freezing cold. Into plain juicing no problem the�Pump N Chill�can keep your drink cold for a full 24 hour day.�

  • Air Tight smoothie tumbler that is double gell walled and vacuum insulated
  • Insert the bottle into the freezer for a minimum of 1 hour or more and the Gel Honeycomb will ensure you will have a chilled beverage at your disposal all day.�
  • It has a patented lid that will create an airtight container freezing your smoothie from oxidation