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Enjoy Shopping 1$ = 1500LBP | We are delivering Post-Lockdown
Enjoy Shopping 1$ = 1500LBP | We are delivering Post-Lockdown

Asmodee - Chomino Deluxe Thinking Game (French)


Attention, it is strong! In this ideal alternative to dominoes, place your colored pieces in contact with the Chromino already placed. Each chromino is 3 squares long, each of these squares can be of a different color. A piece placed must be placed next to at least one other room, so that the room has two colors connected with its neighbors. To prevail, put all your pieces. Simple and fluid, playing quickly, Chromino can be practiced both with family and friends, whatever the age of the players! The luxury version of the famous Chromino with real dominoes to discover or rediscover this great classic!


  • A family game with simple rules.
  • The ideal alternative to dominoes!
  • A new look accentuating the family side of the game.
  • The box contains 80 tiles, 1 bag, 1 rule of the game.
  • Duration of the game: 30+ minutes,
  • Number of players: 1 - 8 players:
  • Age: 6 to 12 years