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Enjoy Shopping 1 $ = 1,500 L.L
Enjoy Shopping 1 $ = 1,500 L.L

AlDaraj- AlDaraj Board Game


AlDaraj is a handmade, trivia game, inspired by the city of Beirut. 

Perfect way to learn have fun and spend time with family and friends. 

  • The goal is to reach the top of the staircase first. If you answer the trivia questions correctly you move up a step. If you answer incorrectly you move down a step. You can pass to stay on the same step. 
  •  The game can be played with 2+ players divided into teams.
  • Teams must prove their knowledge in all 6 categories to make it to the top. 

!!! Warning: you might get wiser while having lots of fun !!!

Surprised AlDaraj is in Arabic? Well, that’s to highlight our mother language that is deemed forgotten.